Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Storytelling & Commission: From Script to Screen - The Three Words

Again we returned to the mysterious blue box to find out the 3 words that will play a role, either big or small, in the pre-viz animation that we will be creating. For the animation we have to create a story, including storyboards, a plot and designing our very own characters. The 3 words that I received were:
Butterfly Hunter


Food Blender

I think these are quite and interesting set of words, especially with the food blender, and although I am interested to see how my ideas will play out, I am disappointed I got another interior based area to work with, however perhaps through my stories and ideas it may not have to be completely interior. (:

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  1. the warehouse doesn't have to be 'fixed' set for your story at all - things could begin in one and then move beyond it, things could end up in one - the real challenge is to ensure you actually 'use' it as vital part of your story's DNA. First things first - explore all the connotations and associations of all your story components - spider diagrams a-hoy!