Thursday, 16 January 2014

From Script to Screen - Influence Maps

For my character, butterfly hunter, for my story I thought of the idea to rather than make it someone who just catches butterflies as a past time I decided to make my character, someone who is a slower and smaller than the butterflies, making them more of a challenge to catch. With the reason being my character has to catch their own butterfly for racing, as a sport of their kin. So for influence I looked mainly at Thumbelina, as she is a smaller person, and the entire world is massive to her, which will come to my character's problem in the story later on.

For my warehouse I wanted my story to be a light hearted story so, I looked at large human factories as influence for my warehouse rather than a scary, isolated place. I also looked at different kinds of butterflies as I want a butterfly to be a secondary character in my story. I want my story to be a child-friendly, light hearted fantasy, with an unrealistic character such as a fairy, co-existing with humans.

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