Thursday, 19 September 2013

Life Form Development

This is my life form developed design, for this I scanned a rough drawing in, then painted it digitally. I used the scissors from the list of objects that we were given to work with to create this. I made her rough and unattractive because I am used to designing pretty characters and so, wanted to do something different, plus I thought the deformity of the shape and scissors would make it interesting and I gave her an angular, pointed nose and elbows to represent the sharpness of scissors. Admittedly I didn't spend as much time on the front and back view as I did the side view.

Machine Development

Here is my developed machine design, it was done digitally and the idea was a little miniature robot, that could be used as a little servitude robot. I decided to give it a moustache and top hat, because lets face it, everything is cooler with a moustache and top hat.

Structural Development

These are my further developments of my structural design from the Summer Project. They are done digitally, with one presented in a colour format while the other's are painted in a sketchy format, a rougher technique that I use sometimes. I found the structural drawings quite challenging to do because I am not used to designing structures.