Wednesday, 19 March 2014

More Life Drawing

Some more life drawing the picture capture is of a better quality this time. The first is what we did in life drawing today, using mixed media and interpretation of  the installation to create something. I started out cutting out newspaper and sticking it down randomly to create a texture base then I started to paint as I wanted to practice as I find that painting with real life paints is something I'm not usually very good at.



Sunday, 16 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage - Pitch

Fantastic Voyage Pitch by Ariesyme

Fantastic Voyage First Animation - Pitch

First animatic draft for pitch, export came out faster-paced than what it was in premiere :S

Fantastic Voyage - Environment Concept Art

For this concept art piece I took influence from one of the styles I am looking into which is quite a graphical design. I started out in Illustrator to draw the image, with the pencil tool for most of it as its not as restricting as pen tool :P I then painted it in Photoshop trying to keep with basic, simple shading rather than painterly, though I didn't like the way it looked so added shades and highlights in as the art style does have but I think I may have overdone it again in some parts, though I tried not to.

I was playing around with colour for a long time not sure what colour scheme to go for, whether it should be bright and rainbow-ish like the traditional colour scheme of this type of artwork or something that has more focus on dark shadows and being as my visual concept is a music festival, I went with the night-life colour scheme, so any lights I used would be more noticeable. Also note - JPEG file has took quality and colour depth out of it, from what I see on here and I'm not sure how the colours will turn out on the uni comps.

Fantastic Voyage - Amoeba Last Stage in Cycle

This is the last stage of the character within the slime cycle, I have tried to use the more cell shaded approach again. It's not landscape but I wanted it like this so I could pan up it for a longer period of time in the animatic.


Fantastic Voyage - Further Simplifying Amoeba Character

Phil suggested that even though I have simplified the colouring down a lot than what I usually do, that I try to simplify it even more so here is my attempt at trying to make it look even more basic. Haven't tried to change the character's design yet, may experiment with it sometime.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage - Amoeba Character First Stage in Cycle

When it came to painting this I took a completely different approach to what I'm used to doing which was surprisingly a bit of a challenge to adapt to, I usually like to paint quite a lot of shadows and highlight in in an attempt to make it look more 3D and a bit semi-realistic. I started out drawing the outline in illustrator and for these character designs I tried to stick to my influence and create something that has less typical tonal work in there and harsh black shadows like pop art.

 I gave my amoeba character wellies as this is the traditional footwear that people may associate festivals to, along with the flowers on the head. Not entirely sure whether to keep the center of the body yellow or blue along with the rest of the body because at the moment I feel as if it looks like the outline of a face, which it isnt supposed to.

Fantastic Voyage - Influence Maps

These are some influence maps based on my visual concept and art direction, one of the things that I love about this style of art is the bright colours and the ability to capture audiences with their toned down design, they are also very graphical which I think has an interesting take on things. In order to match these styles I think I will be using illustrator within my work for those clear lines.


Fantastic Voyage - Visual Concept

For my interpretation of the Cellular Slime Mold cycle, from watching the brief the idea of Glastonbury was mentioned, and from further thinking I thought that I could actually take this idea into account and create a musical festival atmosphere surrounding my animatic for the slime mold. Therefore I had to think of a art style that I believe would suit this musical festival scenario, which lead me to pop art & retro art. These art styles are highly cultural in terms of their style, just like a musical festivals such as Glastonbury are a very cultural event.

Fantastic Voyage - Chosen Target Audience

Because I am doing a musical festival scenario, I believe I should make my target audience to those of late teens to young adults. Though I am going for a simple style, stylised and retro art styles and the like seem to be popular with the young adults and late teens when looking at society. Although they may not be children late teens and young adults do still enjoy the cartoon style, like comic books, superheroes are just as popular with young adults and teens as younger children, perhaps in some scenarios even more so, even cute characters are loved by all, I believe they will also relate the cultural idea of a music festival more so than that of children, and it fits in more with clubbing and dancing, which is known to be popular among this age range.

Fantastic Voyage - Cellular Slime Mold Reproduction Cycles

As I mentioned for a long time I had a lot of trouble understanding the way this cycle works, in terms of the scientific words used as they would frequently confuse me. After a long time of trying to understand it for myself, as science was my weakest topic, therefore it was hard for me to grasp. Through trying to find animatics to do with it and what the words meant, I came across multiple medias but was never sure if they were describing what I needed i.e "The Reproduction Cycle" or some other information about this particular slime mold. In the end I believe I did manage to gather a basic understanding of the Cellular Slime Mold reproduction cycle, through discussing it with people and trying to simplify it down for me. (See Link) It actually lead me to an animatic I found earlier on, which is the life cycle but it includes the reproduction side of it too.

When it comes to the Ceullular Slime Mold, there are two ways this slime reproduces, that is an asexual way and a basic sexual way. I decided to go with the asexual path, as this includes the slug formation and I think it is a more interesting path in general. I also believe a slug and the "fruiting body" have more potential for character design/s.

Fantastic Voyage - Chosen Cycle

Out of the choice of reproduction cycles we got to choose from, I decided to go for the Cellular Slime Mold Reproductive cycle. From watching the brief, this cycle gave me an idea of what I could do with it, whereas the other cycles were either being done by many others or I couldn't think of an idea to go with it. I also really like the idea of the slug formation within this cycle.

CG Artists Toolkit - Animation Showreel 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Soundscape - Sentimental Colloquy Animatic

For my animatic I tried to keep in with a more paintily feel, as my key frame was Sentimental Colloquy by Salvador Dali and the whole story is to do with dream meanings, which is expressionistic and free-flowing. Also I editing and mixed tracks together with Garageband for the background music, it is here where I used my 3 pre-recorded sounds. I am disappointed with some lack of fluidity of transitions between my music pieces, but with just 3 pre recorded sounds, I did what I could, as I've never used Garageband before.

Soundscape - Submission Disk Artwork

Soundscape - Sentimental Colloquy Animatic (No Sound)

Soundscape - Post Produced SFX

When creating my animatic I felt as though I didn't need a lot of sound effects, so I have only got those that I believe I need. When post producing my SFX being as my animatic takes a turn for the more sinister for my heavily edited SF I tried to create this draining, and creepy effect.

Soundscape - Final Storyboard: Sentimental Colloquy

Just a note, I am not sure how the colours will turn out on the uni comps, as my laptop screen is naturally lighter, so it may be on the dark side, I am not sure. 

Soundscape - Sonic Concept

Soundscape - Sonic Concept by Ariesyme

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Soundscape - Original SFX

These are my original sound effects, I did have more but I cut them down to about 20 after a lot of them seemed very similar or I just couldn't see being needed. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

The Art of: Fairy Fables Crit Presentation

Crit Presentation the art of by Ariesyme

From Script to Screen - Fairy Fables Animatic

One thing I am majorly disapointed about is that I managed my time poorly and so never got to finish colouring in my storyboard. I think I may go back and finish colouring at some point as I would like it to be finished properly. Also it's too long ><

From Script to Screen - Final Storyboards

From Script to Screen - Fairy Fables: No Sound/Transitions

From Script to Screen - Concept Art: Warehouse

From Script to Screen - Concept Art: Inner Forest

Again, due to the lighting being different on my computer than to my phone I have two version, my original one and another that was edited in an attempt to work better on darker screens, the same will apply for my Warehouse Concept.

From Script to Screen - Concept Art: Fairy Forest

Due to the lighting being different on my computer than to my phone I have two version, my original one and another that was edited in an attempt to work better on darker screens:

From Script to Screen - Concept Art: Food Blender

When looking at influence for the monstrous food blender I look at animals that eat butterflies, such as snakes and spiders.

From Script to Screen - Character Design: Ethel Ugly & Appealing Forms

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

From Script to Screen - Storyboard Base Plan: Part 1

This is part 1 of my rough storyboard plan, throughout you may notice that my character, Trixiebelle, loses her wings and antenna's and hair leaf detail on some frames, but she doesn't actually lose them I'm just going to paint them in on the frames with them missing when I come to painting/colouring it.

Monday, 17 February 2014

From Script to Screen - Rough Character Design: Villain Ugly Form

When creating this character, as well as including what I mentioned in my influence map I also decided to not give her any gums, originally I gave her sharp teeth, as this appears scary and villainous but then I thought if she had sharp teeth, why would she need to use the food blender for her potions, when she could just eat the butterflies and fairies, so I removed her teeth for this reason. I also believe that removing teeth also emphasizes her aging body and skin, as the elderly are usually the ones people see that need to have false teeth. I also made her character look very distressed in this image as she is angry and disgusted with her physical appearance.
Colour very soon to follow.

From Script to Screen - Influence Map: Villain

For my villain, after the OGR, when it was suggested that I create a villain, a villainous butterfly hunter. I thought of the idea to create a villain who captures fairies and butterflies, that she mixes in the blender to create a beauty-renewing potion, a potion that she drinks to become beautiful once again, but it is only temporary it is why she has to continue her capture of fairies and butterflies.

Initially I researched into what animal eats butterflies and discovered that one of the answers were snakes. From here I looked into lamia's, a mythical creature that is half woman half snake, I also looked at the witch from Snow White, a classic vain evil witch and in order to try and keep with the naturalist environment of my story I also looked at tree's and tree sap, which I thought I could use to replicate the image of pulsating and oozing that could be coming out of my villain's bark-like skin.

Monday, 10 February 2014

From Script to Screen - Character Design: Trixiebelle Concept Art

After reading feedback regarding my character, Trixiebelle, I revisited my design to make her look less generic, adding more naturalistic/mystical features to her character but keeping with the humanoid idea of the idea of what fairies look like, as I want her to look like a traditional fairy still. In order to make her less generic and more one with nature I changed her hair to be made from leaves and played around with a less realistic skin colour scheme and eye colour, as well as adding engravings to her skin, like the engravings of a tree bark, that will glow in the dark. I also changed the traditional butterfly fairy wings that people are familiar with, in accordance to fairies, to dragon fly wings and I also researched butterfly antennas which I then decided to give to her, making her again more naturalistic.

I changed her traditional elven fairy ears to leaf-shaped ears. I added these to her in order to add to the more plant naturalistic look, as though she is made from the nature of the forest around her herself. Here is my process, while painting it I realised I had made her eyes too small, while I wanted them to be slightly smaller for a more mystical look I wanted to keep her youth apparent so made her eyes slightly bigger and made her lips thinner from the original thicker lustful lips to avoid her looking as sexual as she is a teenager.

This is a semi-realistic approach I took onboard for my concept art, as I felt I could show the leaves as hair better if I painted Trixiebelle in a semi-realistic style. However for my story board my character will remain looking more cartoon-esque as I originally intended. Though I am still not sure on the skin colour as to whether or not I should keep it within the Autumn leaves colour-schemes such as yellow, red and pink tints or make her face green, like the traditional colour of the forest.