Monday, 17 February 2014

From Script to Screen - Influence Map: Villain

For my villain, after the OGR, when it was suggested that I create a villain, a villainous butterfly hunter. I thought of the idea to create a villain who captures fairies and butterflies, that she mixes in the blender to create a beauty-renewing potion, a potion that she drinks to become beautiful once again, but it is only temporary it is why she has to continue her capture of fairies and butterflies.

Initially I researched into what animal eats butterflies and discovered that one of the answers were snakes. From here I looked into lamia's, a mythical creature that is half woman half snake, I also looked at the witch from Snow White, a classic vain evil witch and in order to try and keep with the naturalist environment of my story I also looked at tree's and tree sap, which I thought I could use to replicate the image of pulsating and oozing that could be coming out of my villain's bark-like skin.

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