Monday, 10 February 2014

From Script to Screen - Character Design: Trixiebelle Concept Art

After reading feedback regarding my character, Trixiebelle, I revisited my design to make her look less generic, adding more naturalistic/mystical features to her character but keeping with the humanoid idea of the idea of what fairies look like, as I want her to look like a traditional fairy still. In order to make her less generic and more one with nature I changed her hair to be made from leaves and played around with a less realistic skin colour scheme and eye colour, as well as adding engravings to her skin, like the engravings of a tree bark, that will glow in the dark. I also changed the traditional butterfly fairy wings that people are familiar with, in accordance to fairies, to dragon fly wings and I also researched butterfly antennas which I then decided to give to her, making her again more naturalistic.

I changed her traditional elven fairy ears to leaf-shaped ears. I added these to her in order to add to the more plant naturalistic look, as though she is made from the nature of the forest around her herself. Here is my process, while painting it I realised I had made her eyes too small, while I wanted them to be slightly smaller for a more mystical look I wanted to keep her youth apparent so made her eyes slightly bigger and made her lips thinner from the original thicker lustful lips to avoid her looking as sexual as she is a teenager.

This is a semi-realistic approach I took onboard for my concept art, as I felt I could show the leaves as hair better if I painted Trixiebelle in a semi-realistic style. However for my story board my character will remain looking more cartoon-esque as I originally intended. Though I am still not sure on the skin colour as to whether or not I should keep it within the Autumn leaves colour-schemes such as yellow, red and pink tints or make her face green, like the traditional colour of the forest.

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