Wednesday, 19 March 2014

More Life Drawing

Some more life drawing the picture capture is of a better quality this time. The first is what we did in life drawing today, using mixed media and interpretation of  the installation to create something. I started out cutting out newspaper and sticking it down randomly to create a texture base then I started to paint as I wanted to practice as I find that painting with real life paints is something I'm not usually very good at.



Sunday, 16 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage - Pitch

Fantastic Voyage Pitch by Ariesyme

Fantastic Voyage First Animation - Pitch

First animatic draft for pitch, export came out faster-paced than what it was in premiere :S

Fantastic Voyage - Environment Concept Art

For this concept art piece I took influence from one of the styles I am looking into which is quite a graphical design. I started out in Illustrator to draw the image, with the pencil tool for most of it as its not as restricting as pen tool :P I then painted it in Photoshop trying to keep with basic, simple shading rather than painterly, though I didn't like the way it looked so added shades and highlights in as the art style does have but I think I may have overdone it again in some parts, though I tried not to.

I was playing around with colour for a long time not sure what colour scheme to go for, whether it should be bright and rainbow-ish like the traditional colour scheme of this type of artwork or something that has more focus on dark shadows and being as my visual concept is a music festival, I went with the night-life colour scheme, so any lights I used would be more noticeable. Also note - JPEG file has took quality and colour depth out of it, from what I see on here and I'm not sure how the colours will turn out on the uni comps.

Fantastic Voyage - Amoeba Last Stage in Cycle

This is the last stage of the character within the slime cycle, I have tried to use the more cell shaded approach again. It's not landscape but I wanted it like this so I could pan up it for a longer period of time in the animatic.


Fantastic Voyage - Further Simplifying Amoeba Character

Phil suggested that even though I have simplified the colouring down a lot than what I usually do, that I try to simplify it even more so here is my attempt at trying to make it look even more basic. Haven't tried to change the character's design yet, may experiment with it sometime.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage - Amoeba Character First Stage in Cycle

When it came to painting this I took a completely different approach to what I'm used to doing which was surprisingly a bit of a challenge to adapt to, I usually like to paint quite a lot of shadows and highlight in in an attempt to make it look more 3D and a bit semi-realistic. I started out drawing the outline in illustrator and for these character designs I tried to stick to my influence and create something that has less typical tonal work in there and harsh black shadows like pop art.

 I gave my amoeba character wellies as this is the traditional footwear that people may associate festivals to, along with the flowers on the head. Not entirely sure whether to keep the center of the body yellow or blue along with the rest of the body because at the moment I feel as if it looks like the outline of a face, which it isnt supposed to.