Sunday, 16 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage - Environment Concept Art

For this concept art piece I took influence from one of the styles I am looking into which is quite a graphical design. I started out in Illustrator to draw the image, with the pencil tool for most of it as its not as restricting as pen tool :P I then painted it in Photoshop trying to keep with basic, simple shading rather than painterly, though I didn't like the way it looked so added shades and highlights in as the art style does have but I think I may have overdone it again in some parts, though I tried not to.

I was playing around with colour for a long time not sure what colour scheme to go for, whether it should be bright and rainbow-ish like the traditional colour scheme of this type of artwork or something that has more focus on dark shadows and being as my visual concept is a music festival, I went with the night-life colour scheme, so any lights I used would be more noticeable. Also note - JPEG file has took quality and colour depth out of it, from what I see on here and I'm not sure how the colours will turn out on the uni comps.

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