Friday, 14 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage - Cellular Slime Mold Reproduction Cycles

As I mentioned for a long time I had a lot of trouble understanding the way this cycle works, in terms of the scientific words used as they would frequently confuse me. After a long time of trying to understand it for myself, as science was my weakest topic, therefore it was hard for me to grasp. Through trying to find animatics to do with it and what the words meant, I came across multiple medias but was never sure if they were describing what I needed i.e "The Reproduction Cycle" or some other information about this particular slime mold. In the end I believe I did manage to gather a basic understanding of the Cellular Slime Mold reproduction cycle, through discussing it with people and trying to simplify it down for me. (See Link) It actually lead me to an animatic I found earlier on, which is the life cycle but it includes the reproduction side of it too.

When it comes to the Ceullular Slime Mold, there are two ways this slime reproduces, that is an asexual way and a basic sexual way. I decided to go with the asexual path, as this includes the slug formation and I think it is a more interesting path in general. I also believe a slug and the "fruiting body" have more potential for character design/s.

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