Thursday, 16 January 2014

Character Design Workshop - Lesson 2

For the second character design workshop we look more specifically at shapes, and how they are important in creating a villainous character, using triangles, a sidekick, harmless or friendly character, circles, and a strong hero character, squares. Again we got given a character and we had to see what shape that character was mainly and change it into one of the other types of characters, I received Roger Rabbit and made him look more villainous, but I had to keep in the same style of the original.

Afterwards we got given a type of character and we had to creating a couple characters using the shapes, but making them all unique and different, but keeping them in the same world with the style. I got a Clown as my type of character, and I drew a basic cartoon-style in the forms of a villainous clown and a dopey, harmless clown. We also had to create a little story behind them so I made up that the dopey, hopeless clown got kidnapped by this psychotic evil clown.

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