Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Storytelling & Commission: Soundscape Keyframe - Sentimental Colloquy

For the soundscape project I received folder number 14, which included a painting called "Sentimental Colloquy" by Surrealist Artist, Salvador Dali. In all honesty I have tried to figure out what the meaning behind this painting is and throughout searching online, looking for its interpretation and meaning I didn't find all that much in terms of leads, apart from the possibility it possesses a marital theme.

This interpretation does make sense, in the fact that the what appears to be dead-like persons riding on the bikes around this piano fountain with what seems to be veils from their head, what is even more interesting is that they have rocks placed on their heads, perhaps symbolising the idea of marriage weighing them down to death, which I think is an interesting if not depressing interpretation of the painting.

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