Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Secret Lair - OGR 2

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  1. OGR 20/11/2013

    Evening Rhianna,

    Myra is a true villain, that's for sure! Okay, I'm going to be completely honest and say that somehow all the detailing of your 'what if?' world - all the specifics of it - aren't captured by your current conception of the lair. By this I mean that your lair doesn't communicate anything of your scenario; it's an office, and there's cash on the floor, but how would we know from looking at this that a) the world is in dire straits, b) that Myra controls access to the sun, and c) that she's the most powerful criminal on the planet? This looks like a regular-sized apartment overlooking a landscape. I think you need to re-boot, Rhianna, and get some of your actual story into the design of the lair; there's no 'solar' here anymore - and the idea of the garter being a 'hero prop' is interesting, but shouldn't a hero prop have a more proactive use? It does seem odd to me that you've refined your story synopsis so effectively now, but that now the power source is absent, the criminality is not signified by the mise-en-scene, and the 'apocalyptic' component is also now missing - or at least, not self-evident. I think Myra's lair could be much more interesting, much more communicative than this. Just look at the vivid world and scenario you've imagined - and now look again at your 'box room with a curtain'... Some of your earlier thumbnails were cooking up something juicier; I know I mentioned the statue of liberty a while back, but just picking an environment for her lair that is more iconic is going to give you a much more exciting interior space - and it does seem logical to me to put the 'solar' aspect back into the design of your hero prop - and make the hero prop highly significant in your scenario. If all of this sounds unduly negative, focus instead on what's enticing about the scenario you've created; it's because Myra is so vivid a creation, that her lair as depicted here seems a bit on the ordinary side!