Friday, 22 November 2013

Animation Lesson 5 - Zoetrope Planning

This is my plan for my Zoetrope animation, the end does seem weird on 1 play through, but as a Zoetrope is a continuous looped animation, it doesn't matter. d(^.^d) Being as I like fantasy and mythical creatures a lot I decided to go for a simple animation of a mermaid swimming. \(^.^)/ For better quality see the youtube link (:


  1. Hi Rhianna :)

    How's thinks with Secret Lairs? You got lots of feedback at the OGR stage, and I hope you're finding ways to move things along positively. Like I said, Myra is great character and she needs a great lair!


    1. Hello (:

      It is being difficult, I've been focusing on other things like my animation recently but I decided to go into Maya and create a rough foundation so I can paint over it in Photoshop. And have started working on another concept painting, will post within next couple days, thinking back to some earlier thumbnails.

      Also I am a bit stuck on how to get the whole world being frozen over thing? As I thought I was doing this by incorporating a frozen landscape of a look-down view of the frozen city in the background any ideas? And with the solar aspect I've been trying to get that across with the colour scheme as space was overcomplicating things unless I can get this across with the hero prop along with the colour scheme?

      Thanks in advance (: