Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Life Drawing - Development of Installation Photograph

In one of our Life Drawing classes we were asked to take a photograph of a part of the installation and develop upon it, either by drawing it out again, working into it or manipulating it in Photoshop. Although I have lost the location of the original photograph I took from the installation (I think I accidentally deleted it xS) I chose to quickly manipulate the photo I had taken to create a new image and scene, using photo manipulation this was my outcome, I had two variations.



  1. Hi Rhianna, these are really interesting.. I find them quite relevant/topical for the time of year as they send out a scary and spooky kind of vibe! (:

    1. Thankyouu (: I did it during the last project and so I felt it fit in with that too d(^.^d) just I forgot to post it xP