Friday, 1 November 2013

Research - Influence Maps

For my first series of influence maps I decided to focus on the mob boss aspect, to follow, I looked at film stills from a few classic crime films such as Scarface, The Godfather and Pulp Fiction. This helped me get a sense into the environment and lifestyle of someone who is involved in crime and namely, a mob boss. From ongoing research I discovered a clear link into a mob boss's state of wealth, and the leaders of crime violence often tend to be well off, living in a life of luxury through the procedures made from, what is most common, their drug business. When looking through clips from the films the colours in the hideouts and lairs were of a dark nature. There was also a lot of violence and the presence of drugs and cigarettes was quite apparent in a lot of the shots and scenes, leading me to my next influence map.

In my next influence maps at first I looked a little into the "Solar" aspect, which led me to the sun in the solar system, which gave me a sense of the true colours of the sun, being as usually when you see a sun depicted in a piece of artwork or photo, the sun is usually portrayed as being yellow. Although it does have yellow colouring in it, when researching into the Solar sun, it is actually a more orange colour, which might help me with my colour palette when designing. Continuing with looking at the mob boss aspect, as mentioned there was a connection to drugs, violence and wealth. Therefore I researched images of confiscated drugs, drug farms and gang weapons, helping me gain an idea of what a mob boss might have in their lair.

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