Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Thumbnails 33-64

Here are thumbnails 33-64, for these thumbnails I wanted to try and maintain the whole idea of victim and nervousness and anxiety from the feeling of being watched. Therefore for some of these ideas I altered the movement of the furniture so that the victim, in this case Eleanor,  felt surrounded, unable to escape, a prisoner of the house. In addition I also kept to the claustrophobic idea to capitalize this feeling and emotion.

Throughout these thumbnails I also kept to my idea of the feeling of loneliness by creating a big room, so the furniture looks small and helpless as it is engulfed by its surroundings, at the same time I also played around a little more with perspective and how it can have an effect on the atmosphere of the environment.


  1. Hey you :)

    Again - very 'anxious' thumbnails here. You know, I think it would be interesting for you to take some of these thumbnails into another 16:9 canvas, and create an extended drawing - so you enlarge the composition and bring in more of the interior spaces; for example: no 57 - I'd like to know what was happening beyond the frame. There is something 'film noir' about your thumbnails, so it might be worth looking at some film noir examples to help enrich your world; film noir grew from German expressionism in terms of its high levels of stylisation and use of light and dark - for example:


    There's also something about the mark-making in your thumbnails that evokes the stark anxiety of wood cuts and lino-prints - a more graphical aesthetic. Consider:


    You might also be interested in the illustrations of Harry Clarke:


    I think you could 'dial up' the 'line art' suggested in your thumbnails - this could become your 'world' in terms of style; just because others are creating very painterly responses, doesn't mean this is right for your expressionistic environments.

  2. Hello (:

    Thankyouu for the ideas I looked at the links I can see where you're coming from with the film noir feel to my thumbnails xD
    The chinainstitutemedia link doesn't seem to work I do like Harry Clarkes art it reminds me of the old storybook fairytales, apart from the scary things :S he has amazing line art details in his work.

    Oh quick question what are you meant to do for the Who's Who?

  3. Hi Rhianna,

    I like number 42 :) it's got a very nice sense of depth, i'm seeing stair way running up and then left and right, so i hope that's what it is meant to be :)

    1. Thanks (:

      Hehe yeah that was what it was meant to be ^^