Thursday, 3 October 2013

Influence Maps 1 & 2

After reading the book extract from The Haunting of Hill House I related the theme of ghosts and hauntings with symbols of death. Looking at animals and figurines such as the Grim Reaper and the raven bird, as tradition associates these with death.  Gothic statues were another aspect that I looked into for my influence maps.

In films and stories when the author or director are trying to showcase a sense of unease and nervousness, that is often associated with horror, they include unpleasant creepy statues that look as if they're watching or staring at the seemingly victimised protagonists of the story. Within the book Eleanor, the main protagonist, feels as if she is being watched or that the house itself is alive and so having these statues I believe plays some part in what I could do with the environment.

As another symbol of death and the afterlife I looked at angels of death as influence. Angels represent life and death, both of which a ghost is traditionally known to showcase these characteristics, they are dead but are still walking and inhabiting areas like they're alive.

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