Thursday, 3 October 2013

Influence Maps 3 & 4

These are influence maps, focused more so on interior environments. One of my first thoughts after reading the book extract was that Eleanor doesn't physically visualise any ghosts, and it could be said that it is all in her mind, her imagination. Therefore I looked into abandoned mental asylums, to reflect her mental power, and sense of loneliness when she first enters, and how the longer she stays in the house the more her mental health decays, much like an abandoned mental asylum. Not only that but mental asylums alone have a tendency to be creepy and are associated with the horror genre. 

For more influence in how I could add an unsettling atmosphere within my concept paintings I looked at images of old abandoned/decaying rooms as well. Trying to keep the furniture style old fashioned as the book is set in a historical time period, possibly early to mid 1900s due to its language and fashion.


  1. great stuff, fascinating take on somehow getting to grips with the idea that Eleanor is the 'problem' with Hill House. That's what I love about the novel - the poor, tragic Eleanor :(

    1. Yeah, she's so anxious and fretful all the time. I was intrigued and watched the film as well (:

  2. Hi Rhianna,

    Love the idea of looking her being "mental", have you looked at some horror movies where the main characters see ghosts and it affects them and their mental state, "The Eye" and "The Sixth Sence" also for a mental assylum there is one in "The Eye"