Sunday, 13 October 2013

Thumbnails 1-32

Here are my first 2 sets of thumbnails to the Haunting of Hill House, with a page dedicated to exterior thumbnail ideas and another dedicated to interior thumbnails ideas.  For my exterior thumbnails I wanted to portray a sense of darkness as well as a hint of beauty as Eleanor, the Protagonist, looks to her trip to the house as a vacation, to escape the stresses of her every day life. However at the same time there is the darker history behind the house and its power to startle Eleanor, slowly making her go mental.

For my first set of interior thumbnails I aimed for a claustrophobic, enclosed atmosphere, with the furnitures tightness to the wall as if its being corned, as though its being victimised,  because even though Hill House is a big mansion, Eleanor becomes a prisoner of the house, so much so that she wants to stay despite her claims at first for feeling uncomfortable and so I tried to create a sense of loneliness too. I also experimented with angles and perspectives to try and get an unnerving atmosphere as though someone is being watched.


  1. like lots of these, Rhianna :) Wish you'd numbered them... very expressive and 'lonely'

    1. Thanks (: I've numbered them now too. ^^