Thursday, 12 December 2013

Final Outcome: Secret Lair of the Solar Mob Boss - Maya

Outcome of the Secret Lair of the Solar Mob Boss. \(Q.Q)/ Not allowed to upload better quality images of PSD or Tiff. (pT.T)p...Sad times...but Final Render done ^^


  1. Hi Rhianna - not sure if you've got time to fix this - but your aspect ratio isn't 16:9 - don't worry, not a cause for a melt-down - but if you do have the time, you might want to re-visit - it will lend your scene a more filmic impact.

    1. I've put a 16:9 version on the submission disk for you (: for appearance wise for the scene I don't think it looks as decent, it either cuts a lot off or makes it seem weird haha. But it is on the disk now (: